Catapult #2

New Project: fifty coffees!

photo by  Daniel N. Johnson
PC: || Depicted: Lindsay Ratowsky

I am so thankful that I found Lindsay Ratowsky’s fifty coffees website because it jolted me out of my confusion and opened a path that I didn’t know existed.

For months now, I have practically been strangling myself over a new passion project that I thought of. However, I’m now stuck. I have an idea, but don’t know what to do after. How do I start? When do I start? Where do I start? Is it something even worthy enough to start?

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” – John Lennon

I’m not looking for validation. I’m seeking for people who will question, challenge, and drive me so that I can make my goals a reality.

After checking out Lindsay’s coffee dates and reading How 50 Cups of Coffee Can Change Your Life, I found that connecting with people I know and having my own 50 coffee dates will enable me to jump out of my current rigid state.

In 2021, I will catapult myself into the world of socializing, learning, and adapting via my 50 Coffees. I’ll document my coffee dates and findings from these dates on this page!

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