hi! that’s me!

Hello, I’m Esha Kode.

I’m not an introvert nor am I an extrovert: somewhere in between. My little brother is definitely more mature than I am. I am a pageant title-holder. Engulfed with a desire to do more and not fear failure, I am filled with adrenaline to catapult myself into the unknown. Want to try it with me?

I am currently a pre-med student, majoring in psychology. My ultimate life goal is to become a pediatric surgeon (*gasp*). I am a mental health advocate and have cofounded a 501(c)3 mental health nonprofit, Happy2Thrive.

Thanks to the crazy year we’ve had, I had an immense amount of time to discover myself. I learned that I actually enjoy reading (specifically, memoirs or biographies), writing (only when it’s not assigned), working out (when I’m alone and in the safety of my home), learning Spanish (obsessed with Spanish Netflix shows, please do recommend me some if you know any). 

what’s the point of this website?

This is just a safe place that I created for myself to share my thoughts, musings, and crazy new adventures. It’s also a space for any of you adventure-seeking, adrenaline-junky, and introverted people out there to share your thoughts and feelings.