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Hi, I’m Esha. Currently a premed student filled with a ton adrenaline, I am now the cofounder of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and a pageant title holder. I love Netflix partying, doing HIIT workouts, jamming to music in the car with my family, and sweating to a good Bollywood dance 🙂

Dear Diary….

At this very moment right now, I’m happy and I’m going to cherish it for however long it lasts 🙂

Catapult #2 Update – Fifty Coffees

There were numerous times where I drove back home from a coffee date, and simply started tearing up with joy. The amount of exuberance, energy, and significant relief that I gain from each date and each person is extraordinary. 

Sleep is a Waste of Time

Since when has our productivity become linked with our physical and mental health? Although incorrect, society continues to teach the growing generation that hard work trumps everything. Known as the “Hustle Culture,” it has been ingrained in children early on that if they are not constantly at their maximum productivity, they’re falling behind in life.

Dear Diary…

A mother called me today and told me about her daughter’s declining mental health. She was vulnerable with me and opened up about her daughter’s loneliness.


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