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Hello! I’m Esha Kode. I treat this blog as my public diary. It’s a space where I can rediscover my love for writing, share some musings, & reflect on pockets of life that amaze me. Now that you’re here, go take a peek at some of my thoughts!

India Showed Me How Toxic American Independence Is

“If you’re successful in achieving independence, you may fulfill the American ideal. Regrettably, in the process, you’ll extinguish the beauty of life: to live in communion and collaboration with others. Moving to Italy taught me that navigating the world on your own isn’t an accomplishment. It’s a tragedy.” – Isabella Martin

Phir Milenge // See You Soon

It took me more than a decade to live out my dream and now I am filled with so many different emotions as I reflect on my time at the Ashram.

dear diary, currently: feeling small and inadequate.

I am currently living at the Bal Ashram in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I am a 100 Million U.S. Campaign intern and the foundation that that campaign is a part of runs this Ashram, which is a long-term rehabilitation center for boys rescued from child labor & trafficking.

‘b****’: let’s unpack it.

A “bitch” supposedly means a female dog. I’m not sure if this was common knowledge or not, but I simply had no idea or was just oblivious to the fact that there is an actual definition of this word in the dictionary.


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