Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

Thankful to all of YOU who have showered this post with so much love ❤ This post, in particular, took a lot of courage to publish and I’m grateful that it resonated with so many of you.

I truly love the fam that we’re creating on this site and am incredibly happy that I decided to embark on this blogging journey. Blogging is something I do to just unleash my emotions – this site acts as my digital diary. Every post comes straight from my heart and I am beyond joyous that many of you are taking the time to read my words. Sending you all so much love!

Esha Kode

In all honesty, I was terrified to draft and publish this blog post because it’s forcing me to write down and reflect on my CURRENT thoughts. All my other posts are generally things that I’ve dealt with and thought about in the past, so it’s easier to reflect because I moved past that stage already. This topic, on the other hand, seems to always be a part of me no matter how hard I try to move past it. Thus, I was prompted to draft this post because I’ve been feeling this way since the beginning of this year. I hope it resonates with those of you who feel a similar way.

TW: body image issues, eating disorders

To begin, my first exposure to the Eurocentric ideas of a woman’s body began in eighth grade (which is, unfortunately, extremely late compared to children today). Up until eighth grade, I ate…

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