fifty coffees

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Thanks to fifty coffees, I realized that I need to apply this intriguing concept within my life to discover my passion and purpose. I have multiple ambitions that I want to fulfill, however, I’m entrapped in the common cycle of self-doubt. The only way to escape from this cycle is to engage with people who have far more knowledge than I have. Though having an idea is the first step to creation, this next step is the hardest one (at least for me): to get input from people with diverse backgrounds and opinions.

I’m hoping that with my 50 cups of coffees, I’ll be able to interact with 50 different people, who will give me their opinions on my project ideas and offer their life’s greatest learnings.

Take a peek at this popular article to learn more about this adventure and also check out 52 Cups of Coffee to read about the person who created this concept! 

Get a cup of coffee and take a peek at the coffee dates!

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